Chesapeake - Cockatiel

Hatch Date: Unknown

Sex: Unknown

Hello! My name is Chesapeake but you can call me Chessie. I was surrendered by a loving owner who gave me five happy years! Now I need a forever home with someone kind and friendly. I am a quiet girl, I don't make lots of loud calls but sweet little peeps. Even my screeches are soft and delicate. You will know if I want scritches since I will lower my head for you to scratch my neck. I step up well too. But I can't figure out windows, so please close the blinds if you let out of me out of my big wonderful cage. Believe it or not I can fly really well even though my wings are clipped so you have to keep an eye on me. My favorite foods are Harrison's Adult Lifetime Fine and leafy greens. The toy that's the funnest for me is corn husks. I love to chew them up. I DON'T like my roommate Peepers. Don't get me wrong, he's OK, but his courtship displays get on my nerves. If you are interested in meeting me please get in touch with the EBR

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