Atlas and Icarus

Jenday Conure and Parakeet​

Age or Hatch Date: Unknown

Gender: Unknown

Best qualities: Entertaining, smart

Favorite food: Popcorn, apples, birdy bread and millet.

Favorite toys: Anything they can shred (book toys, egg

cartons, bells and Popsicle sticks)

Challenges/Quirks: Noise of the Jenday, and can be

cage protective.

Gets along with other birds: Yes, they are also bonded.

Gets along with dogs: Yes

Gets along with cats: Unknown

Gets along with kids: Unknown

Dowel or Step Up trained: Icarus is on his terms and Atlas is not

Vocabulary: Icarus (the Jenday) says "Step up," "Hi," "hello," "come here," "What," and mumbles a few other things. Atlas makes a chirping noise.

Known health issues: Icarus is overweight.

Other comments: Is your house too quiet? Then Atlas and Icarus are determined to fix that for you! Icarus is a lively Jenday Conure. He is fond of treats and apples, and loves to watch the humans in the house go about their business. Atlas the parakeet is his quieter counterpart, and is still a little skittish but enjoys making laps around his foster-home's bird room when out of his cage. Icarus will step up but only on his terms and needs some work stepping up when on or inside their cage. Their foster family is also working with Icarus to change his enthusiastic whistle (and his habit of sitting on his "porch" and yelling) to something a little more pleasant; he is an eager student who is progressing nicely with the aid of some popcorn. These guys love the company of each other and need to be adopted together. Icarus would do best with a experienced adopted and seems to bond stongly with one person.

Last updated: 5/23/2020

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