Yellow Nape Amazon

Age or Hatch Date: About 16 years old

Gender: Male

Best qualities: Eddie makes very cute, but unidentifiable noises, that sound like the may be associated with a video game; he loves to hang from the inside of his cage and play with bells and other toys while hanging by one leg.

Favorite food: Apples, also eats a variety of a fruits and veggies.

Favorite toys: Loves bells and hanging toys

Challenges/Quirks: Will get very close, but does not want to be touched. Working on stepping up using Nutriberries for a reward. 

Gets along with other birds: Yes

Gets along with dogs: Tolerates

Gets along with cats: Unknown

Gets along with kids: Unknown

Dowel or Step Up trained: Still practicing.

Vocabulary: "Hi," "Hello, Eddie," and "How are you Eddie?"

Known health issues: Unknown.

Other comments: None

Last updated: 10/16/2019

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