Squawk - Blue Crowned Conure

I’m Squawk and you know why I’m named that!  I’m a quirky guy with an interesting personality and relatively tame. I’m 18 years old and have lived with the same family since they purchased me from a pet story in 2000 as a baby. I get checkups every year at the avian vet. I’m in great health.  But my parents are getting up in age and are concerned I will outlive them.  They want to find a loving home for me. 


My day starts around 10 AM when I crow like a rooster. When Dad comes to uncover me in a quiet room where I sleep, I may croak out “Good morning,” before taking several flights around the living room. Panting, I land on a finger that’s extended by either parent. Back in my cage I start shaking my toys and defending my territory.  Breakfast consists of my favorite fruits that I nibble on all day along with a dish of parrot mix. I spend a lot of time shaking my toys and communing with them, but I also like to get out and fly around a few times a day. I also enjoy standing on the top of the cage or sitting on the cage door. I typically sound off if something scares me or want attention.  I like playing tug of war with a dog toy on top of my cage or getting a head rub.  If you tap on the cage with a stick, I will go back in.   You can use the stick to keep me to one side while you change my food.  Like I said, I protect my cage. I go to bed around 8:30, so it will be quiet from 8:30 PM to 10:30 AM.


I do comical call and response routines.  If you say “Sh!” I may say “Be quiet.”  My dad says “Hello” and I reply with “Hello.” This can go on for a minute or so. I also say “How ya doing?” and sometimes I say both “Sh!” followed by “Be quiet!”  I also make sounds as if spelling words (well, I grew up with a child), and the sound of the light switch being turned off when someone turns it off.  I can also tell when you are just starting to laugh and will join in.  If you whisper “Step up” I will step up on your finger. But don’t expect me to do it if I’m guarding my cage. I might try to bite you.


Once the police came to our house (wrong house!)  in the middle of the night and had to check the room I was staying in. My parents warned them there were birds in the room.  I told the officer “Good morning.” He cracked up!  I also had a routine where my parent knocked on the door and I whispered “Come in.”


My favorite person is Dad and I’m relatively content if I can be in the room with him while he’s working at his desk.  The high point of my day is sitting in his lap at dinner and getting my head scratched.  I especially appreciate getting tidbits of food, like cooked tofu. When he stops paying attention to me, I nervously pace back and forth until he continues.  But I’ll also sit in his lap and preen. I tolerate mom preening my new feathers or rubbing my head if Dad isn’t around. I take a bath in a dish on my cage.


I live with a Senegal parrot and a timneh African grey, who are also looking for new homes.  I probably would be quieter if I didn’t have to yell at them when they sound off.  The truth is, I’m a bit wimpy and intimidated by the Senegal. I cower when he enters my cage.  I’m curious about the African grey but keep my distance.


I’m a great bird if you don’t mind me sounding off from time to time.  I might even want to ride around on your shoulder if you gave me the opportunity, but to protect my territory I might chew on your collar or bite a hole in your shirt, so wear an old one if you want to try this.  When I was younger I would sit on a child’s shoulder while she read. I probably prefer males, but most importantly, I need someone who understands my quirks and will play with me.

Hatch Date: 2000

Sex: Unknown

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