Green Cheek Conure

Age or Hatch Date: Unknown

Gender: Unknown


Best qualities: Loves to get scritches

Favorite food: Anything the humans are eating! 

Favorite toys: Boxes or tents

Challenges/Quirks: Gary will step up for his foster dad, then bites if he is asked to step down. He rarely steps up on a finger for his foster mom, but can be bribed to step up onto a sleeve or an object for her. He loves getting scritches from either roommate. A popular theory: Gary might be female!

Gets along with other birds:  Gary was previously caged with another bird for 5 years. He was food dominant and the alpha bird in that arrangement. (They divorced in 2019 when the other bird became overly aggressive towards him.)

Gets along with dogs:  Yes but doesn't know to fear them

Gets along with cats: Unknown

Gets along with kids: Unknown

Dowel or Step Up trained: Getting there!

Vocabulary: About 10 distinct somethings.... "Gary" is the reliable word we can translate.

Known health issues: None.

Other comments: Gary seems close to being an adorable, social green cheek with good manners. He's happy to sit on shoulders and hang out.

Last updated: 7/24/2019

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