Blue and Gold Macaw

Age or Hatch Date: Hatched in 1990

Gender: Female

Best qualities: Low key, friendly.

Favorite food: Walnuts

Favorite toys: Anything she can destroy

Challenges/Quirks: Getting her out of her cage.

Gets along with other birds: Yes

Gets along with dogs: Yes

Gets along with cats: Unknown

Gets along with kids: Unknown

Dowel or Step Up trained: Yes

Vocabulary: Hi Russ, What, Bu-Bye and more.

Known health issues: Crop issues.

Other comments: Hi my name is Jasmin and I'm a beautiful low key blue and gold macaw, 28 years young!  I enjoy hanging out in my cage alot that's my favorite!  I do come out on occasion, but my cage is my home and I am very comfortable there.  My foster parents describe me as a low key macaw, I don't scream much except with the vacuum I'm not fond of that!  I do not lash out at either of my foster parents.  I seem to enjoy the company of females, however with coaxing I'm positive I can have either a male or female parent.  My favorite treats are walnuts in the shell.  I enjoy bathing with a spray bottle only, I haven't had the chance to experience the shower yet but we are working on it.  I use up-up vs. step up and I can talk.  I say 'hi Russ', 'what', bu-bye' and many more!  If you are interested in visiting me please contact the kind folks at Exotic Bird Rescue.

Last updated: 11/13/2019

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