Loki - Hahns Macaw

Hatch Date: 2007

Sex: Unknown

My name is Loki, after the Norse god of mischief, and, fittingly, I’m an extremely intelligent bird. I know over 90 words and phrases. I can give kisses, I love Peek-a-boo, and can even sing all of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (though it’s hard for me to put it all together at once) as some examples. My most common phrases are “Good morning” to greet those around me, “Want some?” for when I’m hungry or asking for food, and “Come on, come on” for asking to come out of my cage. I’m a bit standoffish when it comes to new people, but you can win me over by giving me little treats like bits of cheese (my favorite!) or pieces of bread.

I’m not a particularly picky eater in terms of vegetables and fruits, but I do dig around my bowl of seed in dry food to find what I like and won’t always eat the rest. If I do get stubborn about eating my wet food, I love it when it’s all spruced up with baby food! At night I start to get sleepy around 6:30-7:30 and most of the time will ask to be covered up around that time with “Nuh’night”. I have a big personality and get cranky in the mornings, so I might get noisy on a bad day until someone feeds me.

I can be stubborn at times, and very protective of my cage, so it will take someone with a lot of patience and willpower to home me properly. I’m not very tolerant of preening, as being touched on the head frustrates me. I love my tents a lot, and sometimes I end up loving them too much and end up tearing holes in them. Every few months or so I’ll need a new one. Up until this point they’ve mostly been hand-sewn but I’ve been in store-bought ones as well. I need lots of time out of my cage, but it might take a while before I trust someone enough to hang out on their shoulder. I don’t often bite, but if I get spooked and upset I can. I do tend to fly, so it’s best to keep my wings clipped and minimize time I’m out with time doors/windows are open. I also like to walk around on the ground like a dog and patrol around, but be careful for your toes! I also love to just hang out of branches (inside or outside my cage) so having those for me to hang out on is nice. I love soft materials to rub my beak on and like to play inside of blankets sometimes. My favorite toys are my chimes and a rubber squeaky dog toy. I love to put my beak in the middle of the chimes and use them to soothe myself when I’m upset or frustrated. I like to rub my beak on my squeaky toy to let it know that I love it.



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