Ravi - Senegal


Hatch Date: 2003

Sex: Unknown

Ravi is a delightful bird, and has adjusted well to his foster home. I think he would do well in a family where someone is home quite a bit, but he doesn’t require too much active interaction. He is such a sweet guy, who really just loves being around humans! We have not experienced him as demanding: He is very content to sit on top of his cage, or on a stand, in the room where things are happening. He gets lots of head scratches throughout the day, which he asks for by tilting his head down towards you. When we aren’t home, he is content playing inside his cage, but he spends many hours a day out, with us humans. He loves to chew on wood and cardboard, and will also happily shred an entire parsnip or sweet potato, hung from the top of the cage by a skewer.

If you actively interact with him, he will happily click his tongue back at you, and he is a smart guy who is responding well to clicker training and positive reinforcement. He follows a target stick, and we are working on teaching him a few basic tricks for his own enrichment. Ravi is fine around children, though he doesn’t like them to touch him. He hasn’t shown aggression, he just moves himself away when a small hand reaches for him to offer head scratches. He will step up onto a skewer held by a supervised big kid, and happily chat with the holder.

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