Ruby - Meyers Parrot

Hi, I’m Ruby!


I’m a Meyers Parrot, and I love to chatter and talk! I have beautiful colors on my underside, even if my upper side is mostly grey.


I have been a tame bird sometime in my past, but my last owner kept me in a small cage and didn’t play with me for a long time, so I took some time getting used to being touched again. Now I love to get my head scratched by my foster mom, and I would really like even more attention if I could get it. I still don’t step up very well, but I am fine with mom reaching into my cage to scratch me.


I am a very smart little bird. I say several things. I especially like, ‘Pretty, pretty bird!’ I also say, ‘Hello,’ and, ‘Hi there!’ and a few other things. I meow like a cat, and that is funny because my foster home doesn’t have a cat!


I also chirp and whistle lots of pretty sounds, and I love to ring my bell. I recently got a foster sibling African Grey, and JoJo and I have “Pretty Bird” contests to see who can say it the best. Those are fun!


I would be very good company for someone who wanted a cheerful companion, and if you are willing to be patient with me I think I could learn to be a very friendly bird again.


If you would like to meet me, I am usually at the Eugene Meet and Greets. Come listen to my chatter and admire a pretty, pretty bird!

Hatch Date: 2001

Sex: Unknown

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