Sonny - Blue & Gold Macaw

Hatch Date: 2010

Sex: Unknown

My name is Sonny and I am a beautiful Blue and Gold Macaw. I am looking for my forever home, one with lots of love and music.


I am very young, only 8 years old, so I can get very rambunctious and kind of loud when I play with my toys, just like any kid. I need lots of toys and wood to destroy to use up some of my energy. My favorite toys are a PVC pipe that I love to chew on and play with, and a ball of fleece strips that I wave around like a cheerleader!


I can be a bit of a wild child, but if you sing to me I will calm down immediately and come over to dance for you. I love dancing to all kinds of music and wake up wanting to dance. If you love music then I am your bird. Birds can’t clap without falling over, so I have learned to make a clicking noise instead for the clapping parts. I also know a few words. I say hi, hello, what, and cat call.


I like to try lots of foods and am not a picky eater. I especially love bananas, both raw and dried chips. I also like apples and nuts, and I am learning to eat mash. Spa day was a favorite in my last home as I loved my showers and to get a blow dry after. (Make sure your hairdryer doesn’t have Teflon!!!)


I was only in my last home for about 3 months, because I was too loud for the husband when my mom was away (I was her bird) so he said she couldn’t keep me. With all the changes I am being a little slow to trust now. My foster mom is usually scared of big birds, but she sings to me and I come down to my cage door and let her pet me, so she isn’t scared of me now. It took her a few days before she got close to me, so we had a chance to get used to each other first.


I was very afraid of my foster dad at first, and I still don’t let him pet me, but I am starting to trust him enough to step up and ride around the house on his shoulder. He is working hard to get me over my fear of men, and I am learning quickly. I don’t really like it if strangers get too close to me, but if they sing to me I will come closer and dance for them. It will take patience to gain my trust, but once you do I will be your bird forever.


I am pretty good at occupying myself with my toys when I need to, but I really need a home where people will spend lots of quality time with me. Macaws have the reasoning capacity of a 3-4-year-old child, but the emotional intelligence of a 2-year-old. You wouldn’t put a child in a cage and ignore him all day, then expect them to behave perfectly, would you?


If you are interested in a fun bird and have the time and patience to love and care for me, contact EBR and let’s meet.

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